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Vrideo – Now with Stereoscopic 3D 360° Videos

Vrideo – Now with Stereoscopic 3D 360° Videos

Vrideo Stereoscopic 3D Apryll Aileen

Just imagine watching this in stereoscopic 3d. Download link below.

Yes, that’s right.  You heard it here first.  While YouTube has been slow to add stereoscopic support, I just finished watching Collaborate and Listen in stereoscopic 360° 3D thanks to Vrideo.  Vrideo is a video hosting site that only hosts 360° videos.  It coins itself “The Home of Immersive Content”.

Vrideo Stereoscopic

I felt so inclined to make a quick sketch following my viewing of this video in 3d stereo.

As many VR early adapters argue, a video cannot be truly immersive until it is in stereoscopic 3D.  Well it looks like Vrideo has beaten YouTube to the mark.  They have now added a 3D tag, that can be seen to the right of the video’s title (refer to our crudely done drawing out of excitement above).  The first one we noticed on their site was a 25 minute performance from Apryll Aileen in 2k top bottom stereoscopic.

We knew there had to be more on Vrideo.  This surely couldn’t be the only video tagged 3D.  So after a bit of playing around, we queried “.” and used the 3D filter in the drop down box.  We found about 54 videos tagged as 3D.  Many of these videos have a download option, similar to the Apryll Aileen video listed below.  Follow the same instructions below to play those downloaded videos.

Keep in mind that not all 54 videos are downloadable and a select few don’t actually appear to be 3D stereoscopic.

All 54+ Stereoscopic 3D 360° videos on Vrideo using our “.” query and 3D filter.

Download Link ~450MB – Compatible with Google Cardboard via AAA VR Cinema, Gear VR via Oculus 360 Videos App (move .mp4 into Oculus -> 360 Videos folder).  Oculus Rift owners can play with Virtual Desktop after selecting top down under options.

Apryll Aileen – Collaborate and Listen

As for the video itself, Apryll Aileen performs a mix of cover and original songs at the Collaborate and Listen Music Festival.  Apryll puts on quite the performance, which benefits greatly due to the added immersion from the stereoscopic 3D.

As of right now, there does not seem to be a way to browse all 3D stereoscopic videos via a channel on Vrideo (unless our “.” query trick pulled up everything), but we will keep you updated and let you know once such an option becomes available.  You can follow us on Twitter @thevrpill.  Keep an eye on our curated 360 Video Directory under the Vrideo App for more great stereoscopic videos from Vrideo as we catch them.

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