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VR Jam Finding Impressions- Speed Grappling!

VR Jam Finding Impressions- Speed Grappling!

finding gate

The answer is yes, it does feel that epic.

Finding Finding seems similar on the surface to VR Jam entry Small, but where Small excels at a stealthy vibe, Finding is pure speed and adrenaline.  Finding includes 3 levels and a tutorial.  The goal in each level is to get to the end as fast as possible while collecting as many gems as you can.  You do this using your trusty grappling claw and a strong stomach, as Finding has you flying through the air grappling between photospheres (those ring like things) at an incredible speed.

I knew this was going to be good when I immediately glanced upon the Japanese-esque Manga like style of the drawings during the loading screens, with a heroine who reminded me of Sakura from the Shonen Jump Naruto Manga.  You can start right at stage 1, but I recommend familiarizing yourself with the controls in the tutorial first.  Here the controls are explained quite well.  Either a touchpad or the gamepad can be used.

finding alice

Sakura is that you?

I tried it with the touchpad, and while everything worked fine, a few tweaks could be added to the responsiveness when tapping to grapple on to something.  I found myself sometimes trying to latch onto a photosphere while looking directly at it and nothing was happening.  Wang Shiyuan, the developer, chose wisely with a single movement speed.  While double tabbing and holding to run in games like Small might make sense, in Finding it would most likely cause instant nauseousness due to the already fast movement going on mid air.

A lot of the Jam entries so far, while great titles, lacked much replay value.  Finding, however, does a great job with this.  Of course one could repeatedly play each of the three stages to try and beat their best time, but just getting all the gems might take you an hour or two worth of retries.  There are two kinds of gems; the normal type, and the incredibly difficult kind.  I’m still trying to figure out how I can go about collecting all of the latter.

Graphics are so good you won’t believe this is running on a Note 4.  Even the level selection screen had me taking a few minutes to admire the scenery.  The most awe inspiring moment comes in level 2 when midway through, a giant stone gate as big as a skyscraper opens up in front of you.  Those with motion sickness might want to be cautious when trying Finding, but if you don’t suffer from it, you owe it to yourself to check this Jam title out.

I can just picture Finding right now with 30 plus levels of increasing difficulty and scoreboards.  And to think this kind of experience on cell phones was not possible until just recently.  You can check out Finding at it’s Oculus Submissions Page.

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