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Tour Seinfeld’s Apartment on Gear VR

Tour Seinfeld’s Apartment on Gear VR

Seinfeld's Apartment Gear VR

“You know I always wanted to pretend I was in Seinfeld’s apartment on Gear VR.” – not actually George Costanza

Update 09/17/2015 11:18am – Still not up. Vandelay Industries just had this to say:

There are some benefits that come with watching Matterport’s site daily like a hawk, and one of them is stumbling across gold mines like this, tucked into the end of their press releases.  Today, Matterport posted a blog entry on their scan of Seinfeld’s apartment.  This is nothing new in itself, as it’s been around for weeks, and hardly impressive looking at on a phone.

I just knew there must be something nestled deep within that article, so I kept digging.  Low and behold, buried in the last paragraph was something that brought an instant sense of glee.  Matterport stated, “And if you have a Samsung Gear VR, check out the apartment in immersive 3D on the Matterport VR Showcase app, available for free in the Gear VR App Store.”

At the time, I was viewing this article through Virtual Desktop on my Oculus Rift.  Without taking the Rift off, I instinctively grabbed my Gear VR, put in my phone, and loaded up Matterport.  Now with Rift tilted up on my head, and Matterport open, I peered through the Gear VR lenses, and to my dismay there was no Seinfeld to be had.

Seinfeld's Apartment Doll House

Doll House isn’t available on Gear VR, but when you feel like you are there you won’t care.

Fear not if you have a Gear VR, as we have reached out to Matterport and are hoping they will keep good on their wording in the article to bring out Seinfeld soon to their app.  We will continue to monitor the situation and make an update as soon as we see that Seinfeld is up on the Matterport Gear VR App.  For those curious, this is a full scan of this apartment that you will be able to walk around by gazing at markers spread throughout the scan.  Most likely you will not be able to sit on Seinfeld’s couch, yet we will still try.

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