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Swedish Sunsets, Bosh, Tulum Fire Dance Finale

Swedish Sunsets, Bosh, Tulum Fire Dance Finale

tulum 6 fire dancer 360

Tulum Fashionably Bound Wraps Up

Refinery29 brought us our first Milk VR episodic content with a cheesy yet entertaining story.  In the finale, Cori watches a traditional Tulum fire dance on the beach and it is quite long, coming in at about 9 minutes.  Oh, there’s also a donkey.  Perhaps the first donkey that has entered VR?

my360 chris bosh 3

Chris Bosh Finishes Tour of Miami

MY360 is changing the way fans connect with their favorite celebs.  We have seen Miami Heat Chris Bosh’s incredibly high balcony and got schooled by him in basketball in the last 2 episodes.  With part 3, he shows us his favorite bookstore and we dine with him at a restaurant overlooking the beautiful Miami harbor.

late summer swedish light

360Stories – From Sun Up to Sun Down in Sweden

It had been about 10 days since the last 360Stories update, and I was wondering what they were up to.  Stefan Geens brings us his 4th 360 Story, showing off the sunsets of Sweden.  His commentary is always very informative, and there are some stunning shots contained within.

360Stories also just announced that anyone can now submit their own 360Stories to be published on the app.  You can visit 360Cities 360Stories Application to submit your content.  There is still a review process, but this means that we should be seeing increased content coming from them in the coming months . I would love to see what the community can come up with.  We haven’t seen anything from Japan yet… hint hint…

360stories directory

New Directory Added

Speaking of 360Stories, as the amount of content should be increasing soon, VR Pill has added a new directory for it.  You will find The 360Stories Directory on the top of every page sitting right next to The Milk VR Directory.  You will have the option of rating each story from 1 to 5 stars and leaving a review.  VR Pill will continue to update this directory as new 360Stories are released.

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