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Social VR – This is why Zuckerberg bought Oculus

Social VR – This is why Zuckerberg bought Oculus

social vr

Mobile VR Jam Social VR– I put off trying the Social VR Oculus Mobile Jam submission for about a week as I’m not too fond of social networking in my personal life, and I hadn’t heard any raving impressions about it.  I am so glad I actually gave it a try, as I saw the future of social networking, and it is glorious (or potentially life destroying).

Social VR is quite simply something like Facebook in Virtual Reality.  After it loads, you look around and see a giant news feed in front of you, with all the additional info on the left and right screens.  The news feed itself looks rather uneventful, until you start scrolling up to the sample entries.

The first entry I encountered was your typical picture status update, except that the picture was almost as big as a movie screen.  Gazing is the primary means of control in this Social VR.  By gazing at the magnifying glass you can make the image even larger.  There is a read more at the bottom that shows the full content of the status update.  Liking, sharing, and replying was all just a head turn away and very easy to do.

Things started to get increasingly crazy as I swiped up through the sample feed entries.  One of them was a picture like the first, but opening it entered me into a full 360 degree photo.  Another post showed a location on a Google map that also opened a 360 degree picture.  There were various other standard post updates.  And then I stumbled upon an intriguing entry titled “check out my art gallery”.

social vr art

Gazing at this entry transported me to a virtual gallery where I could walk around by holding the touchpad and check out the artwork.  Mind blown already that I’m doing all of this within a single app.  Of course it couldn’t get any better, could it?  Swiped up another post and saw one titled something like “my new game”.  There’s no way they could include an actual full game in the app.  But yep, they did just that.

I gazed at “play” and entered one of the most addicting games I have played yet from the jam entries, titled “Cubic Knight”.  Check out the YouTube video below to view it.  In Social VR, there were other posts that showed off videos, but those didn’t load.  I’m not sure how close Social VR is to launching, but it’s professionally done, and I bet Facebook is keeping a close eye on it to see how it develops.  Here at VR Pill, we have bumped Social VR on our must watch list, and will be keeping you updated upon further developments.

You can read more about Social VR and download it at The Oculus Submission Page.

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