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Samsung’s Gear Indie VR Filmmaker Contest – $50,000 in Prizes

Samsung’s Gear Indie VR Filmmaker Contest – $50,000 in Prizes

Samsung Gear Indie VR Filmmaker Contest

360° videos have been quite abundant in number lately, but the content is still mostly composed of travel videos, music videos, and videos of family outings with the occasional Minecraft tour popping up.  Samsung’s Milk VR 360° video app on the Gear VR virtual reality headset has become known for hosting some original content that plays more like a film than a random video.  One such film was MansLaughter, a 15 minute mystery where the viewer is actively trying to figure out who stole a 265 million dollar lottery ticket.

Five $10,000 Prizes

While filmmakers are a passionate bunch, they need money to keep doing what they do.  Samsung has put up $50,000 in total prize money in “There in 60 Seconds“, the first of many Gear VR Initiative challenges.  Samsung states, “Emerging VR filmmakers will be challenged to create immersive, 360-degree videos that are just 60-seconds in length taking us to a place in the world that is special and unique to them.”

VR Pill will also feature the winners in a sticky post that will stay up on’s front page for 1 week.

The official submission portal opens on November 1st, and in addition to the cash prizes, winners will have their content featured on the Gear Indie Channel via the Milk VR App.  The submissions portal will close on December 1st, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

At VR Pill we host a 360° Video Directory (currently sick and being doctored back to good health) that only lists curated content, so we will add an additional incentive.  We will list all winners via a featured post on VR Pill, and sticky that post to the front page for a week, as well as place the winning videos on our curated directory.

The Judges

Three judges will be reviewing the submissions and acting as mentors.  You might be very familiar with them.  First is Jason Rubin, the head of Worldwide Studios for Oculus.  Next we have Nancy Bennett, the chief content officer at Two Bit Circus.  The last judge is Anthony Batt, the co-founder and executive VP of WEVR.

Interested in winning some money and creating great content?  Head over to Samsung’s Official Challenge Page.

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