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Samsung Gear VR 50% off Coupon Still Working

Samsung Gear VR 50% off Coupon Still Working

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Sad Update 08/31/2015: It seems that the coupon doesn’t work anymore.  Well it was fun while it lasted

There is good news for those with a Samsung Note 4 or S6/S6 Edge phone.  The Gear VR 50% off coupon is still working.  It appeared online yesterday and gives you 50% off their Virtual Reality Gear VR headset.  You will need one of the previously mentioned phones to use the Gear VR (be sure to purchase the correct one).

The coupon code is VRDPUS

Purchase Gear VR for S6/S6 Edge

Purchase Gear VR for Note 4

I wouldn’t recommend running out and buying one of these phones right now, as the consumer edition of Gear VR is coming very soon, but if you already have a Note 4 or S6, $99 is a very tempting price to get a preview of quality mobile VR.

We will keep an eye on Samsung’s site, checking it every morning to see if the coupon still works, and will update this post when it is no longer good.  In the thread that popped up yesterday on Reddit, user SvenViking suggested that this could be Samsung clearing stock in anticipation for the consumer Gear VR version coming out.  Only time will tell, but color us intrigued.

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