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Salto Motion Capture Suit Kickstarter Launches

Salto Motion Capture Suit Kickstarter Launches

Salto Motion Capture Suit Feature

Input remains one of the most important factors in determining how successful VR will be as a medium.  Solutions such as the Oculus Touch exist,  but are all focused entirely on the desktop VR market, and either too expensive,  bulky,  or only target a specific part of your body.

If you have been following VR Pill lately,  you might have noticed our new obsession with the social VR space.   In this Metaverse, being able to express yourself in the company of others is critical.  Soon, you will be able to fully express yourself through a full range of body motion capture, and it’s as easy to do as putting on your pajamas at night.

Salto Motion Capture Suit Frog

I am talking about Salto, a Kickstarter just launched by Rokoko, a startup in Denmark. I met with them via Skype for a private demonstration of the Salto straight from their hotel room.  No magic or tricks were involved. This thing works and the team behind is quite passionate about the project.

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Their inspiration for Salto was to help children suffering from Autism learn how to better communicate with others through interaction with a cute frog fully controlled by someone in the Salto motion capture suit.  The goal is to have psychiatrists eventually in these suits, but their vision reaches further than that.

Salto Motion Capture Arm Sensor

Rokoko is aiming to democratize the motion capture experience by providing a solution at a low cost, starting at $700 on their Kickstarter.  It’s also quite easy put on, taking on average less than a minute.  If you are interested in supporting their Kickstarter, you might want to jump in soon.  After only a day on Kickstarter, they are already at 25% of their $100,000 goal.  Rokoko is open to their suit being integrated quite easily in the social VR space.

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