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Okyeonjungsa VR Museum Gear VR Experience

Okyeonjungsa VR Museum Gear VR Experience

Okyeonjeongsa Feature

A new age of experiencing museums is upon us.

Okyeonjungsa, roughly translated into Book of Corrections/Mistakes/Warnings, is a book that was written to document the Korean Government’s mistakes during the 16th century.  The Okyeonjungsa VR Museum allows you to enter the place where this book was written, as well as walk through a museum filled with massive paintings accompanied by an audio tour.

Okyeonjeongsa Outside

The town is recreated 360° pictures are also available for reference.

Upon downloading and opening the experience, you start out in tour mode, with a 360° picture and traditional music playing overhead.  After a few 360° pictures accompanied by audio, you are brought to a virtual recreation of the village, and are moved automatically from one point to another, all the while finding out more information about the area you are in.  The tour ends with the museum, which is freely able to be explored at your own pace.

Okyeonjeongsa Art

You can walk through the hallways using only the touchpad.

If you want to get straight into the explorable portion, you can always click the back button and then “end tour mode”.  Controls are as follows: “Slide up and hold – move forwards”, “Slide back and hold – move backwards”.  Tap to select.  It’s all quite simple to do and it’s very nice that no gamepad is required.  The only qualm I had was there being no way to directly enter the museum.  You either have to wait until the end of the tour, or move through the town and enter the door to the museum.

Okyeonjeongsa Buildings

Most structures are able to be explored inside along with audio accompaniment.

I would tell you all about the history of Okyeonjungsa, but wouldn’t it just be more interesting to actually go there yourself?  If you own a Samsung Gear VR Headset, you can go back in time now by downloading Okyeonjungsa VR Museum on the Oculus Store (it’s free), under experiences.

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