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Oculus Cinema Update – New Theater & Subtitles

Oculus Cinema Update – New Theater & Subtitles

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Oculus Cinema Update Includes Ant Theater and Subtitle Sideloading

I can barely contain my excitement.  The newest Oculus Cinema Update on the Samsung Gear VR is huge news to Japanese Anime and Foreign Film buffs.  Now you can watch all your Anime and movies with subtitles in the Oculus Cinema.

The icing on the cake is the Ant Theater that was added.  This theater places you in a larger than life forest sitting on a branch with a giant soda can and bottle cap on the right side.  It is by far my favorite theater out of the ones available.  As with the other theaters, the lighting really adds to the look of the environment and reacts to how the lighting appears on the screen.

oculus cinema update densha otoko

I had the same look on my face when I realized all the J-Dramas and Anime I could now watch with subtitles.

The following are the update notes from Oculus.  They are the masters of somehow making update notes entertaining to read.

  • New theater: WHO TOOK MY PHONE.
  • Performance fixes: shake your head in VR and see if you can still cause a hitch.
  • Subtitles: we ow support subtitles for sideloaded content so you don’t have to understand every language.
  • Bug fixes: resized the buffering icon, updated strings, folded laundry, washed dishes.

Enjoying your own videos in the cinema is extremely easy to do.  All that must be done is to save the videos to your “SD card > Oculus > Movies > My Videos” on the Samsung Note 4 phone.  If you have a 3D video you need to create another folder inside the “My Videos” folder and call it “3D”.  Then place the 3D film inside of that folder.  MP4 format has worked for me.  I found that on my S6 phone, any videos in the correct format on my phone were automatically recognized within the Oculus Cinema, which is a great improvement and makes it even simpler to view.

Below is a video from the Ant Cinema.  It gives you an idea of what it is like but it does not compare to actually having a headset on.

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  1. SkydivingVR

    One last thing. on The S6 to add movies to the Oculus cinema, like adding the trailers and the multiscreen, and £d etc. It is exactly the same as the note 4, except you have to add these folders into the phones “movie” folder. NOT inside the oculus folder. I see a lot of people asking about this and alot of people telling others to do it the same way as the note, but it is not correct. Also this is the same folder you want to add a “360Videos” folder. All inside the movies folder.

    So it goes GalaxyS6-Phone-Movies and then you add 3D into that folder, plus multi, trailers, myvideos etc and also 360Videos. You do not need to add 3D folder into the MyVideos folder, neither for the 3d trailers, you just make a 3D folder in movies like the rest..

    otherwise yes it just loads whatever is in your phones gallary

  2. SkydivingVR

    COLOPAD. Check the app in app store. It is a one handed controller and to move right you simply slide a finger to the right hand side anywhere on your screen. move forward you slide it up. double taps, taps etc etc. The entire screen becomes a touchpad so you only need one hand and dont need to look. This is the ultimate for someone who does not want a actual controller. Works with Gear VR and Oculus rift. This is a awesome app.
    However, it is obviously not for everyone on a gear vr. oculus is fine, but gear vr means you need to use your old smartphone due to the obvious factor.

  3. SkydivingVR

    if you take the strap off the S6 and add it to the note 4, you will find it makes the note 4 so much better. These are only $34 from Samsung. I also got extra hard cases from samsung by telling them that the one i received on the note 4 had a broken zip. Otherwise they too are $34.

    Now the fan ont he s6 actually blows heat. I think if you say there is a built in battery, then i didnt know that, but they are obviously blowing the heat from that battery on to the lenses. Which is great but you need that battery to heat up before it makes a difference. Once it starts blowing that heat, it is IMPOSSIBLE to fog the lenses with your breath. I personally installed a mini 15mm x 15mm x 6mm fan intot he face mask to help the fan along while it heated up. Which means no fogging ever. Thought the people who do not build a fan just need to wait for the battery inside to heat up and it blows off the fog and keeps the lenses warm so they cant fog.

    You have stated there is a built in battery. is this a fact? Makes sense why my phone never loses charge but can you tell me if the battery in the unit can be charged without the phone in it and is there an app that you can see the battery charge of the unit? if not, someone should build it. It would probably win the VRJam.

    You also mention there is some sort of memory or hard drive in the unit? Is this correct? if it is then why do you need to add your own multiscreen folders etc?
    Actually, seeing you can add your own multiscreen folders. holly cow…!!!!! would this not mean you can add whatever folders you want to the top menu, meaning you can put episodes of different shows into different folders so you do not have to scoot through everything??? If this does not work, but seeing you can add a multiscreen folder, then surely all oculus has to do is activate it so user generated folders can be added, or maybe there is other keywords like multiscreen that can be used?

    OMG, that would be so easy!!

    Also, there is a dev at xda forums whom i have paid ALOT of money to, who is going to built a hack that will allow us to turn the fan up on the unit. Now im wondering if i should have him add custom folders. is there anything else you can think of?

    Actually, back to your storage on the unit itself, it doesnt make sense that this is the case because i have nothing stored on it as i have to manually add folders etc. If this was the case, then that external usb port would have data cables to it, which it does not.

    Anyway the s6 version offers no immersion like the note 4 does. I do not get that feeling that i am sitting inside the cinema like i do with the Note 4. Which is a real shame. Also somehow the pixels look more pronounced. I am wondering if that might be because you can focus in better. They are smaller, but they are so focused you can see them even more clearly and this leaves me wondering if a 4k screen really will make any difference. My concern is that a 4 k screen will halve the size of the pizels but it will make the black lines even closer together, which will actually make the problem about pixels, even worse.

    Anyway I am going to call it right now……..Consumer Gear VR 1.0 will be either a built in screen that is purely for the device or it will be a removeable scvreen so you can remove it and download things and use the net etc, but it will NOT be a phone! My reasoning? Secondly because it makes more sense, it also means that samsung can charge their customers for a second screen device other than their phones and make a few more billion dollars on top of usual devices. if you think about it, The only reason samsung make phones is because the telcos generate millions of sales for them, but this would double that if VR takes off, but firstly because Carmack and everyone who has confirmed that a consumer model is coming in the last quarter of the year, every single one of them say no comment when asked what phone it is for. We all know the note 4 comes out then and the S series always comes out after, so why would they say no comment if it falls in line with the next edition to the note series? Maybe because they are about to release a screen specifically for the Gear VR. Apple has the phone and then they have the stand alone ipod touch. Maybe samsung now have phone and stand alone Galaxy-VR Touch? You know why this would be a great idea? because now samsung would not need to spend hundreds of millions on marketing to try and talk all the iphone devotees away from their iphones. We all know that will never happen or it will take another half decade to achieve, so would be a waste of money only to turn a few million at a time, so a seperate device opens up the entire apple market to buying a samsung product. Of course they would keep this under wraps. You do not release specs about a device and then say no comment when asked what phone it is. You would keep the specs and the consumer model under wraps.A seperate VR screen also would allow them to build universal screens for their Gear VR and for the Oculus which would keep the cost of the niche oculus market down. I mean seriously, Oculus is not going to capture a big enough market for them to have their own screens built and either way it would put oculus against gear vr as they would be fighting for users and no comapany be it samsung or facebook/oculus in their right mind would pay the tooling for a screen just for oculus when they will not generate a hundred million sales of the oculus screen and as tech goes, oculus will need to update their screen every year alongside their brother gear vr. Without the massive userbase that samsung will have on their mobile version, they could never afford to make a new screen each year, so what if samsung build a screen that is just called the galaxy VR or the OPculus VR and it simply is full of software powered by oculus and the user buys the screen, they then buy the gear vr and they can buy the oculus and simply use the same screen in each device by swapping it out. This allows oculus to keep up with screen tech by always being able to use the gear vr screen so each year a screen just for VR is released and it can be plugged into the oculus or the VR. Does this not make perfect business sense seeing they already have a partnership. Otherwise oculus will get a screen ontheir consumer release and they would be stuck with it. there is NO WAY ON EARTH oculus will generate enough sales to keep a team of people working year round to design new screen tech and release a new screen every year and there is no way that samsung will waste their time building two different screens for the same purpose. Not when they can share the same screen. Also they get to sell to apple customers as it is not a phone. It’s the only viable way for oculus to keep up.

    You know what this will mean though…… oculus has been trialing the rift and their other device, while samsung have been trialing their Gear VR. The consumer model will bring the best of both worlds trials together and we will see a slimmer, light weight but bigger screen and probably those new lenses which capture a 150degree FOX. We will see a bigger screen with a better FOV. Whatever the case, it will be so much more than the developer version. Especially if it is a universal screen without phone and all that. Though maybe it will have a sim card, who knows. Either way they would not be saying no comment on what phone it is coming out with when it is releasing the same time the note 5 is expected, if it was the note 5. It just makes so much sense for it to be a stand alone screen which can be switched between Oculus and Gear VR.

    Mark my words! You heard it here first 😉


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