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Oculus Cinema Airplane Mode Update

Oculus Cinema Airplane Mode Update

Oculus Cinema Airplane Mode

Today, there was a rather significant update to the Oculus Cinema App on the Samsung Gear VR.  The update primarily had to do with the Void Theater, which is in my opinion already the best theater for watching full movies.  The reason being, you can just lay down on your bed, reorient the screen, and watch the movie.  The only caveat is you would have to reorient the screen as it drifted away from you.

With today’s update, there is an option that when turned on has the screen follow your gaze as you move your head.  This now makes it possible to view Oculus Cinema while in a car or an airplane without reaching for the barf bag every few minutes.  There are already plenty of people in the industry using their Gear VR on the plane, so the Oculus Cinema Airplane Mode news should come as a relief.  While the screen moves with your gaze, it doesn’t move at an incredibly fast pace, so don’t expect to rotate around and instantly see the screen come with you.  I find this to be a good thing, as it makes the whole experience more fluid and comfortable.

Oculus has also added the option to resize the theater screen by selecting the resize icon and then swiping up and down on the touchpad.  They weren’t messing around with the maximum size.  It’s the biggest screen size yet on Oculus Cinema.  When using airplane mode, I go to a moderate screen size as the larger ones cause the screen to move every time you turn your head to get a better view of the action.

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