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MTV 360° – First Ne-Yo, now Music Video Awards Live

MTV 360° – First Ne-Yo, now Music Video Awards Live

MTV 360° Feature

Latest Update: Stream is currently down after almost 3 hours of solid Red Carpet livestreaming.  Hopefully the stream of the show will be up soon.

MTV is no stranger to 360° videos.  Just weeks ago, they worked with Ne-Yo to bring his performance to YouTube in the form of a 360° video, which viewers could enjoy as if they were actually there with a Virtual Reality headset.  But a delayed broadcasting of the event wasn’t enough for MTV.  They wanted more.

Tonight, in less than an hour (at 6:30pm EST), anyone will be able to view the VMAs live as they are happening thanks to im360 in 360°.  They will be streaming parts of the Red Carpet Pre-Show and parts of the Video Music Awards.  If you happen to miss the livestream, you should be able to catch the footage as it’s likely to uploaded to MTV’s YouTube channel.  While linking to their YouTube channel, we realized that the Ne-Yo performance they previously uploaded has been made unlisted.  Keep an eye on our 360 Video Directory as we will keep a keen eye out for when it pops up and list it there.

MTV 360° Music Video Awards

How to View the MTV 360° VMAs Live

gear vr s6

Viewing on Gear VR

If you have a Gear VR, you might be able to catch the event live from within the im360 app, which can be downloaded from the Oculus Store.  If not, fear not.  Using this little trick you can enable your Gear VR to use Google Cardboard apps and follow the steps below.


Viewing on Android/iOS with Google Cardboard

Good news for Google Cardboard owners on both iOS and Android.  You will be able to view the livestream with the im360 app.  There should be a category after opening the app that says “Live Events”.  If not, keep an eye out for MTV or VMA etc.

Download im360 App for iOS

Download im360 App for Android

Oculus Rift Logo

Viewing on Oculus Rift

Even Oculus Rift users should be able to stream the event live in 360° from MTV’s All Access Live.  As we have yet to hear back from im360, we cannot confirm if this is truly possible, but will be trying with our Rift when the event starts and updating accordingly.  Stay tuned to our Twitter for a faster update.

Update: Viewing on an Oculus Rift can be a bit confusing.  First, click the link above for MTV All Access Live.  Then click 360 VR Red Carpet (included picture)

Update 2: Turns out there is only mouse and keyboard control.  Video for Oculus Rift isn’t even full screen.  Such a disappointment.

360 VR Red Carpet

If you don’t have a VR Headset

Even if you don’t have a VR headset, while you won’t have the full effect of feeling like you are there, you can still view the stream off the iOS or Android app and move your phone around in 360°.

Immersive Media (im360) is the VR Production House we can all thank for bringing one of the first live streams in 360° of this caliber.  They are no strangers to streaming live video in 360°, as they have been toying around with live streams with their Android/iOS and Gear VR app in the past.  At one point, they had a 24/7 livestream from the inside of a company’s office in Canada.  Unfortunately that stream has since been removed, but it was fun while it lasted.

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