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Marriott Stereoscopic 360° Videos Now on Milk VR

Marriott Stereoscopic 360° Videos Now on Milk VR

Marriott Stereoscopic Feature

Recently, Marriott announced they are bringing Samsung Gear VR Headsets to guests at their New York City and London hotels for a period of 2 weeks.  Guests will be able to have the Gear VR Headsets delivered to their rooms for a 24 hour rental.  Presumably, they will also be heavily cleaned and sanitized before given to a new guest.

What if you have a Gear VR already and don’t want to hop on the next plane to New York or London to throw down the money on a hotel room?  Well, the good news is you can view these stereoscopic 360° videos right now on Milk VR, a video-sharing app for 360° videos on the Samsung Gear VR.  Each video is about 2 and a half minutes in length and take place in China, Chile, and Rwanda.  You accompany a different traveler in each video as they visit each of these locations, while they talk about their past experiences and work.

It’s quite refreshing to have beautiful 360° stereoscopic views of these remarkable spots.  Marriott is calling these videos “VR Postcards”, in which case we would definitely love to receive more in the future.

The 3 videos available right now to owners of the Gear VR are:


Marriott Stereoscopic China

Traveler: Camilo Alvarez

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts USA

Occupation: Owner of Samson Projects Art Gallery

Camilo brings you to Beijing and tells you a bit about himself and his Art Gallery.  The video takes place in one area on the streets of Beijing pictured above.


Marriott Stereoscopic Chile

Traveler: Erica Bryndza

Hometown: San Francisco, California USA

Occupation: Marketing Manager at Leading Social Network

For this VR Postcard, we join Erica in the Andes Mountains.  It’s quite the beautiful scene.  Erica tells you a bit about herself and her traveling experiences.


Marriott Stereoscopic Rwanda

Traveler: Alexis Gallivan

Hometown: New York City, USA

Occupation: Co-Founder Blue Marble Ice Cream

You might have guessed a pattern by now, but each traveler spends most of the time talking about their past and what they do, hence the VR Postcards term Marriott is using for these videos.  She travels to Butare, Rwanda.

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