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MansLaughter – What would you do for $265 Million?

MansLaughter – What would you do for $265 Million?

Milk VR MansLaughter Feature

While MansLaughter’s release was delayed a few weeks, the wait was well worth it.  MansLaughter is a 360° film now available on Samsung’s Gear VR on the Milk VR App.  This is no ordinary 360° video, as the sphere is sectioned off into 4 completely unique scenes, each with self contained audio.  Moving your head to look in each of the four directions presents a completely different experience.

MansLaughter Kissing

About 1 minute in and already some kissing action. (not a spoiler)

Filmmaker and Director David Marlett should rename himself genre maker, as he has successfully created a whole new genre of film with MansLaughter.  The plot involves a plan among friends to steal a lotto ticket from the owner of a gun shop.  This is all I will reveal as the most important part of MansLaughter is trying to figure out how the plot unfolds.  Viewers can either look around at the different scenes freely or follow a blue marker on top as it moves between the scenes along with the story.

MansLaughter Big Gun

The gun shop where the winner of the lottery ticket works.

In order for an interactive choose your own adventure kind of film like this to work, the acting has to be solid and the plot involved enough to hold the viewer’s interest.  MansLaughter delivers on both notes.  The acting was surprisingly well done, and the emotional performances help to move the story forward in a believable way.

MansLaughter Concert

An ordinary concert, or more than that? Hmmm…

While MansLaughter is technically 15 minutes long, there is over 1 hour of repeat viewing for catching every last bit of the story.  There is some questionable language and adult themes in ManSlaughter, so I would not recommend that children view it.  If you have a Gear VR you can experience this now by downloading the Milk VR App on the Oculus Store.  We hope that this is brought over to the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, as it’s a film that everyone should have the opportunity to experience.

MansLaughter Bedroom

A bedroom scene added in for good measure.

ManSlaughter is a monoscopic 360° video.  Resolution is 3840 x 1920 7587kbps total bitrate for the technically inclined out there, and 29 frames/second.

Cinemersia is a pioneering entertainment company and has come out with three other VR films.  MansLaughter is directed by David Marlett and produced by Cameron Ayres.  As VR Pill was floored by this production, we will be following Cinemersia closely for future releases.


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