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Lay’s Free Google Cardboard Promotion First 1000

Lay’s Free Google Cardboard Promotion First 1000

Lay's Free Google Cardboard Feature

Update 9/2/2015 – And… They are now out of all the free 1000 Google Cardboards.  Again, no more left.

The best thing about the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset is that if you have patience you can get one for free.  That’s right, completely free without even paying shipping costs.  There have already been quite a few promotions, including Absolut in the past.

But today we are here to share with you a new one that just popped up from Frito-Lay.  They are partnering with Knox Labs, the ones that always seem to be doing these free promotions, to give away the 1,000 Google Cardboards to people who download their free iOS/Android App called Lay’s Virtual Kitchen and register.  Like anything that’s free, it’s not completely obvious how to register to get it free.  They also claim you have a “chance to receive one”, but if you read the fine print, they are referring to the fact that they are only giving away the first 1,000 units.

Lay's Virtual Kitchen Doesn't Work

The App itself is supposed to contain a stereoscopic 360° video, but this is all we saw.

We were able to test it out on both iOS and Android.  In order to make sure this was legit, we had to register twice, so we can confirm there are at most 998 units available now.  While the iOS version worked very well, the Android version of their app had some bad reviews, saying something how the submit button was not clickable (these reviews were on 8/31/2015).  Looks like the issue has been fixed since then as we were able to register on our Samsung Galaxy S6 quite easily.

These apps have been around but the app store shows only about 50 total downloads between the two of them as of 9/1/2015, so there should still be plenty free Google Cardboards to go around.

How to Get Your Free Google Cardboard

  1. Download either the iOS Lay’s App or the Android Lay’s App.
  2. Open App.

Lay's Free Google Cardboard 2

3. “Do you have a VR Viewer?” -> Select NO

Lay's Free Google Cardboard 1

4. “Tap CONTINUE and hold your mobile device upright and rotated.” -> Select REGISTER (Such confusing instructions in the app)

Lay's Free Google Cardboard 4

5. See above picture.  Lay’s sure does love their caps lock key.  Enter in information, sign your life away, and select submit.

Lay's Free Google Cardboard 3

6. Congratulations!  You now “may” have a free Google Cardboard.  This is Knox Labs, so it’s sort of a toss up whether you will get it (I’m still waiting on my Absolut one).  But, these things usually take weeks to even ship out.  Good luck!

We will update this article as soon as we notice a combined total of 1000 downloads across the iOS and Android app.

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