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Gear VR Jurassic World – VR Finds a Way

Gear VR Jurassic World – VR Finds a Way

Gear VR Jurassic World Impressions Feature

Who needs a real Jurassic Park when we have a Virtual Reality one?

Gear VR Jurassic World – The best experience for Gear VR is at a Best Buy near you right now and I bet you don’t even know about it.  Starting Sunday, a selection of Best Buy Stores across the country opened up Samsung Experience areas where you can enter the world of Jurassic Park (I know it’s called Jurassic World, but it will always be Jurassic Park to me).  You will come face to face with a Brontosaurus in an experience so real that if John Hammond had viewed it, he would have decided to open the park in Virtual Reality.

You have until June 12th.  I repeat, you have until June 12th to experience this before it ends.  The clock is ticking.

Gear VR Jurassic World Poster

This was the sole promotional piece on display.

Where’s the Line?

I dropped by my local Best Buy located in the busiest area of Brooklyn, New York at prime time expecting to see a huge line formed for the Jurassic World Experience.  To my surprise, not only did I see no line, but I was the only person there.  I had trouble even finding it in the first place.  After entering the store, I asked an employee where it was, and he had no idea what I was talking about.  Upon asking another employee, he ushered me over to the cell phone area where nothing but a swivel chair and the poster pictured above stood.

The Best Buy associate at the station handed me the Gear VR with no explanation and went back to helping a customer with a phone sale.  Fortunately for me, I knew what to do.  I put on the Gear VR, selected the Jurassic World experience, and for all practical purposes left the store as I entered another world.

Gear VR Jurassic World Poster Chair Front

It was like I had the whole store to myself!

Welcome, to Jurassic VR Future

The experience started, and I found myself in a stunning forest looking straight at a Brontosaurus relaxing in front of me.  A few seconds later, I heard a screech, and looked above to witness a Pterodactyl flying across the sky.  A huge smile crept across my face and stayed there the entire time.

Before I knew it, the large Brontosaurus gets up and slowly moves his head around to look right at me.  He then leans in to get a better look, and I do the same, while reaching out to try and touch it.  I can’t put a finger on the exact feeling I had at that moment,  but I felt a innate connection with the Brontosaurus.  It then stood up on it’s legs and came crashing towards the ground right in front of me, and I almost jumped out of the chair.  The experience then came to an end.  It lasted about 3 minutes.

Gear VR Jurassic World Poster Chair Behind

Ian Malcom didn’t have to travel all the way to Jurassic Park to see that dinosaurs are real.

Felix & Paul at it Again

As the credits rolled, I noticed this experience was produced by Industrial Light & Magic and Felix & Paul Studios, who also brought us Cirque du Soleil Kurios and the Samsung Intro Video on the Gear VR, among others.  It may be due to being all computer generated, but the graphical fidelity of the Jurassic World Experience blew away their latest offering of Kurios, and Kurios was best I had seen to date on the Gear VR.

I would gladly throw my money at them for experiences just like this, but with different dinosaurs.  With what they have right now, they could create a mini Jurassic Park in VR.  So get down to your local Best Buy and try this out for yourself.  It won’t be there forever, and trust me, you will be as blown away as I was once you experience it.  I was told select Best Buy Stores with Magnolia sections in them would host the experience, so call first to make sure.

Find Best Buy Stores with Gear VR Demo

Did I Forget to Mention the Free Swag?

Oh yeah, one last thing.  After finishing your Jurassic World experience, check with the store attendant nearby to receive some free goodies.  They include a brochure with a map of the park and descriptions of the attractions, and 8 cards with information on the different dinosaurs in the film.  Pictures of the swag:

Gear VR Jurassic World Impressions Swag 1 Gear VR Jurassic World Impressions Swag 2 Gear VR Jurassic World Impressions Swag 3 Gear VR Jurassic World Impressions Swag 4

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  1. Allik

    Hi vrpill,
    I tried yesterday to watch and show Jurassic World Mobile VR in the plain but it said that the Wifi wasn’t connected and the animation didn’t start.
    How come the animation requires a wifi connection I thought it was doanloaded on my S6 and thefor didn’t require Internet.
    The Avengers: Age of Ultron VR animation worked fine. No wifi required.
    Let me know how I can make it work even if offline.

    1. vrpill Author

      Hi Allik!

      I asked this same question a while back, and was told that it has something to do with battery drain. It’s unfortunate, but for the Jurassic Park video, you need to be connected to WiFi to download the video. After you download the video, you can watch it offline. The same WiFi only feature can be seen in Oculus Photos App and Oculus Cinema App. It’s very inconvenient for myself as I am sometimes out and about and need to wait until I can connect to WiFi to see if there are any updates to the Oculus Cinema or Oculus Photos.

      Do you have a WiFi connection that you can connect to, even only for a short time, to download the experience?

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