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Finding Monsters is the Pokemon Snap of Gear VR

Finding Monsters is the Pokemon Snap of Gear VR

finding monsters feature

This morning there was this little game tucked away in the Gear VR cafe at Oculus Connect 2 called Jake and Tess’ Finding Monsters Adventure by Black River Studios.  Having not heard about this title previously, I gave it a go, with no idea what to expect except that I would be finding monsters as the title suggests.  What I played was basically what Pokemon Snap might be like if it ever came to virtual reality, and it was quite the delight.

Finding monsters is a very simple game, but it will make anyone smile.  You are in an environment with a funny monster (these things aren’t scary).  Armed with a camera, you must take pictures of these monsters, and you are ranked according to how good the shot is.  Now, this isn’t as simple as just tapping away on the touchpad to get as many pictures in as possible.

Surprise the monster into revealing positions.

As a timer countdowns, you race to take as many good shots as possible with the limited amount of snaps you have available.  Just taking a picture straight out of a monster usually results in a good rating, but you can swipe the touchpad forward when given certain visual queues to surprise the monster into revealing positions.  These poses they make range from mildly amusing to spit out your coffee hilarious.

There were a few sample levels set up with 3 different monsters to take pictures of.  Some of the scenes were quite simple to take pictures of while others got more involved, as the monster might roll around you and then the queue will appear, which you must quickly hit to present just an opportunity to take a great shot.  Give us plenty of monsters and varied environments for the release and this will be an easy recommendation to those who would in any way at all enjoy something like Pokemon Snap.

We’ll keep an eye on Finding Monsters and alert you when it hits the Gear VR store, which is hopefully not far away.

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