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Fibrum Delivers Best Cardboard Experience Yet

Fibrum Delivers Best Cardboard Experience Yet

Fibrum VR Feature

Fibrum is a company that has been on a bit of a rocky slope with Google Cardboard owners since it’s shenanigans with their old coaster app.  Hearts have been broken, but they might have just redeemed themselves with two of the best Google Cardboard Experiences I have seen in quite some time.  These experiences were just recently released on the Google Play Store, and are on the rail type experiences (despite what the water race one will have you thinking with the head motion controlled steering wheel).

They are both in stereoscopic 3d, and quite lengthy.  I didn’t count the exact time but I would put each at 6-8 minutes in length.  They do cost money, but remember that since they are on the Google Play Store, you are free to return them within 2 hours of purchasing for a full refund.  I experienced these on a Samsung Galaxy S6 and they were silky smooth, but the experience may differ depending on the phone you use, so do take caution.

Gravity Train VR Fibrum

Gravity Train VR $1.99

You are in a pod, or as they like to call it a Gravity Train, going through a series of tunnels in the future and then underwater. I could tell there was a very high production quality and the underwater part near the end is the best. You will need to look at the lever to your right to begin the ride.

Aquadrome VR Fibrum

Aquadrome VR $1.99

This isn’t as impressive in my opinion as the first, but equally enjoyable. You are in a futuristic water race, and there are a lot of standout parts I don’t want to spoil. I did notice some drift on this one, but a great all around experience.  On another note, those prone to motion sickness might want to stay away from this one, as there are flips in various parts.

Both of these take place inside a vessel, so you don’t have a full 360 degree view of what’s going on, but the 3d effects with the high production make it completely worth as a flagship piece to show friends for their first Google Cardboard experiences.

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