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Ascape will Pay for your 360 Videos

Ascape will Pay for your 360 Videos

Ascape Feature

Filming 360° videos is a tough gig.  Not only is there the cost of a quality camera, which can easily reach into the thousands for a good one, but there are other expenses involved.  Cinematic VR Content Platform Ascape will pay content creators to bring 360° videos to their app.

As we host a curated 360 video directory at VR Pill, we are quite excited about the prospect of higher quality content being brought out.  Rest assured that Ascape won’t host just any videos.  They are seeking out content creators of travel and virtual tourism related 360° videos.  These videos must be of high technical quality, which is a quality sorely needed among the hundreds of 360° travel videos already out there.

Content creators have two options, hosting their videos exclusively or non-exclusively.  If the video is not exclusive to the Ascape platform, the payout is 10 cents per user download with a flat publishing sum of $100 per approved video.  They have not given any specific information on exclusive video payouts, but assured us they would be higher than non-exclusives.  As will eventually be turning this into a royalty-based model, they expect users to pay for content at some point in the future, and when this happens the payout rate per user download would increase.

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Quick Breakdown

  • Only accepting travel and virtual tourism related videos
  • Videos need to be approved by Ascape to be published
  • Non-exclusive videos is 10 cents per user download, and $100 flat publishing sum
  • Exclusive videos pay out is higher, but no info given on specifics

If you are interested in seeing the kind of video that would get approved by Ascape, watch the San Francisco video on their Android App.

Founded in 2015 by Daniel Moroz and a team of VR filmmakers and developers, Ascape VR is a platform and production studio for 360 VR cinematic content, with an emphasis on producing travel experiences in virtual reality.

Twitter: @ascapevr


For official submissions, please send links to [email protected]

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