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Mobile VR Jam Soundscape VR Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Soundscape VR– Super smooth and polished is the first thing that came to mind when starting up Soundscape VR.  I didn’t experience any of the slowdown showing in the trailer.  Soundscape VR is a dream app for anyone who likes to mess around with creating their own sounds.  I enjoyed tinkering with the mixing options of which there are quite a few.  After a few minutes I just leaned back in my chair and pressed the random mix button, while admiring the scenery.

The game is set in something that looks like an open space station.  See those tiny boxes in the YouTube above?  There is a looping sound that repeats and every single box you select changes a certain part of the sound loop.  Your avatar sits in a chair with two seats on its right and left.  A multiplayer option is available, but it didn’t work for me.  It could be that like most other multiplayer submissions it is currently local multiplayer only, meaning you have to have someone in the same room and network as you playing along.

As the music begins to play, particles fly through the air in tune with the sync.  If you are not musically inclined like me, you can always hit the random button, and relax in bed to the particle show in the air around you.

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