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Mobile VR Jam Sherlock Holmes Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Sherlock Holmes The Wagner RitualThis is an interesting concept where you help Sherlock Holmes and Watson solve a mystery through a series of narrated 360 pictures.  This is a narrative experience and going in blind this was a bit confusing for me.  I thought that there was something you could do with the clues.  The clues it turn out are just there to enhance the experience.

The Wagner Ritual also crashed on me quite a few times around Chapter 3 start and I was forced to remove my Note 4’s battery to get the phone to turn on again.

The voice of Sherlock is very well done and I really do like the concept of helping Sherlock along with solving mysteries.  For the record I am a huge fan of Sherlock (the good one) on TV.  Hopefully these issues get cleared up in the coming days and I would be happy to revisit.

Edit 1: I wanted to let you know the developer reached out and is looking into the crashing issue currently.  They have tested it on their phones for more than an hour successfully.

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