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Mobile VR Jam Pi Fighter Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Pi Fighter– If you are looking for a well polished, quite difficult corridor shooter, look no further.  The difficulty was my favorite part about Pi.Fighter, although it might turn some people off who quickly jump into it to check it out.

In Pi.Fighter, you start out looking at a computer screen.  Don’t worry, this is just the intro screen.  Once you get into the game, you will be using strictly your gaze to navigate down a corridor taking down enemies.  There will also be boxes that appear from time to time, which you can scan for points.  I was having trouble getting to the boss you can see from the trailer.  I played for a good 7-8 minutes without dying and almost thought this was an endless shooter.

If you are good enough to get to the boss, let me know, cause this game is no joke.  It’s like one of those Japanese arcade shooter games in VR as you get further into the level.  I found myself at one point dodging 20 plus bullets coming towards me.  It was so difficult, yet so awesome.

The dev did a great job with the graphics as well.  The controls could use a little tightening up, but this is an early build after all.  If you in any way like some challenge with your games, check out Pi.Fighter right away.

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