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Mobile VR Jam Kangaroo Dash Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Kangaroo Dash– Kangaroo dash is best described as a virtual reality version of Frogger, where you are a Kangaroo instead, but the gameplay is almost exactly the same, except for one critical thing.  You move around by actually jumping (or nodding your head for the lazy like me).  Look in the direction you want to go, and nod or jump to move in that direction.

There is a great difficulty ramp up in Kangaroo Dash.  When I started I thought it was a breeze.  5 minutes later I was sweating it out (literally), as I was nodding my head like a maniac dodging cars, trucks, lasers, and log jumping while drifting down a river.  The graphics are simple, which I figure they needed to be, as the each level is enormous.  By the time I finished the level in the APK, it felt like I had just completed a journey across town.

If you get confused on the last part (as I did), you just have to make it to the spaceship to complete the level.  The 3 structures with the buttons beside them are used to block the laser while you make your way to the spaceship.

All in all great job by the dev here.  Turned into a fully featured game, I can see this being one of the go to games at parties when people have had a little too much to drink while they jump around like Kangaroos and get a good laugh.  Kangaroo Dash as a full game with a multitude of levels would truly be something.  I could replace my workouts with Kangaroo Dash!

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