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Mobile VR Jam Islands In The Sky Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Islands in the Sky– Islands In The Sky by Gaspar Ferreiro is a flight game that is a bit rough around the edges but shows promise.  You start out in a hanger and blast off, with really cool view of a planet below you.  You can switch between first and third person perspective.  I found first person a bit easier to line up my shots and 3rd person better for when I wanted to take in the scenery.

It controls very well, and a game pad is needed.  This is another one that can be quite dizzying especially when doing barrel rolls.  The current build lets you practice with the flying tutorial or a battle tutorial.  The battle tutorial has you flying through shooting at targets, and can get pretty difficult at times.  A bit through the battle tutorial, targets that take longer to bring down with more health will appear.  It’s gets really difficult when they are placed inside the floating city and you have to navigate through buildings to get to them.

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