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Mobile VR Jam Home Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Home– Home is like 360 Photos with the ability to change the photos feel with every swipe of the touchpad.  The first few pictures looked sort of off, even before messing with them.  But by the time you get to the super creepy room in the library, it get’s good.

Don’t worry no jump scares here although I thought someone was going to jump out at me.  As you look out into the library and swipe the touchpad it gradually get’s lighter and lighter, almost like it is turning into a line drawing.  Along with that change, you hear a noise that sounds like a guy is out of breath gradually getting more and more intense.  It is quite the surreal experience.

The following few photos are breathtaking and use full stereoscopic 3D.  Then there is another really disturbing one that could have been taken out of the Blair Witch Project.  You are placed on the a hills side in the forest, and in the distance is a girl swinging.

In some of the pictures like the one with the girl on the swing, a box is placed around the part that is in motion.  As of right now it is clearly visible, which detracts from the immersion, but this is still early in development and I imagine that won’t exist if a final version becomes available.

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