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Mobile VR Jam Gliding Princess Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Gliding Princess– This is hands down my favorite from what I played through tonight.  You play a princess (you can even see your dress if you look down) and the premise is simple.  Hold the touchpad to move forward and rotate your head in the direction you want to go.  It’s like Angry Birds but better and in VR.  Each stage has you gliding through the air from spot to spot collecting as many coins as you can before reaching the goal at the end.

It may start out easy but it gets very difficult fast.  I would be amazed if someone managed to complete the current downloadable version with a perfect score during the Oculus Mobile VR Jam.  The last stage as you can see at the end of the video puts you in a space with an airship flying around.  You need to use the whirlwinds to launch yourself up and hit the airship multiple times to bring it down.  Good luck with that.  I have tried 10 times now with no success.

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