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Mobile VR Jam Ends Well Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Ends Well– End’s Well is made by Reverend Kyle of the Road to VR Rev VR Podcast.  I highly recommend the podcast.  It is extremely entertaining and Reverend Kyle does a great job of bringing a unique perspective to the guests that come on weekly.  The Reverend truly is a man of many talents!  This one of the most polished games I have played in the Jam thus far, and I am really digging the design.  You can use either a controller or the touchpad as you go on a grand adventure with the frog.  End’s Well runs really smoothly, and is full of charm.

The first thing you will notice upon trying it is the hilarious mumbling sounds the different bugs and animals make as they talk to each other.  Each has a distinct mumble, and I lost it when the turtle by the highway started speaking.  After navigating out of the house, you are tasked with jumping around and eating as many bugs as you can to increase your jump height.  There are spiders in the yard that will stun you if you run into them.  At first I laughed this off thinking it was no big deal, until I gazed over at the countdown timer.  Then panic mode set in.

mobile jam gear vr ends well

Those cars… Simple in design yet horrifying when racing towards you

Each bug eaten will increase your level by about 20%.  It takes 5 bugs per level and once you can jump high enough you can jump over the fence.  It’s the next part that is a major challenge.  You are faced with a highway, complete with a divider, and something like 200 seconds to cross over.  The cars come fast, and it’s quite shocking to hear the rumbling of the engine, look left and jump back as you think you almost got hit by a car.

End’s well provides a great challenge and as soon as I get over my fear of being hit by those cars, I’ll be back.  There are a few things I noticed that could be improved upon.  These are very minor things.  It’s often difficult eating a bug when it starts flying near an object.  It’s also difficult to eat the crawling ones once your jump level increases past a certain point.  I found myself jumping over some of the crawlers I missed once I was a high enough jump level.  Other than those two things, it could practically be released right now with how polished it is.

Thanks Rev for such a great game!

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