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Mobile VR Jam Drift Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Drift– Yep, this is going to be the one I show to every single person I know tomorrow.  Sorry devs but to be completely honest, looking at the video didn’t sell it for me.  Then I tried it out.  This is the coolest thing ever!

The music plus the visuals with the fact that you feel like you are going as fast as a bullet make this a winner in my mind.  If you get motion sick this is not for you.  If you are immune to motion sickness and especially if you love stuff like John Woo movies this is going to blow your mind.

Everything in the scene for each level is as if time froze.  A boss looking dude on the elevator shoots the bullet (that’s you) and using solely your head you must find the green target and kill him/her.  The simple design was a very good choice as if it was vaguely realistic I would feel horrible.

You can slow down the bullet for a set amount of time, and once you use up the slow down power, you are out of luck unless you collect one of a few diamonds that are scattered across the levels.  These will increase your slow down meter back up to 100%.  I rarely ever slowed down unless absolutely needed.  And that music.  Oh that music!  Great job on this one.

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