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Mobile VR Jam Crashland Reborn Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Crashland Reborn– I have mixed feelings about this one.  While Crashland Reborn shows lots of polish something is severely off with the aiming.  The graphics are simple, clean and I really want to emphasize this game runs well.  But either the difficulty was turned up to very difficult or something just isn’t right with the aiming.

I had lots of fun shooting down the spiders and freaked out a bit when the first one got me, but after that I just became really frustrated as I couldn’t get past 4 minutes in.  I have quite a bit of experience with FPS games, and can beat most with little difficulty on normal mode, but I just couldn’t progress here.

I hope something is changed because I really want to like this game.  If you have a tip feel free to leave in the comments.

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