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Mobile VR Jam Chibi Attack Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Chibi Attack– This is a VR version of Angry Birds, but with cuter characters and gives me a Japanese vibe to it, which I like (I spent 4 years in Japan).  You use the touchpad or a controller (which the dev recommends) to launch your “Chibi” (which means short thing in Japanese) at the enemies in 20+ stages.  The environment you are in has a cartoony feel to it and Chibi Attack is runs very smoothly.

There are goals for how many launches you want to get ideally in each stage.  I had to stop myself from playing to post impressions for the next game, and I didn’t want to take the headset off, which I’ll put as a good thing.  I played the first few levels and there is a well done increase in difficulty.  If you like Angry Birds you will love Chibi Attack.

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