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Mobile VR Jam Castle VRuin Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Castle VRuin– Castle VRuin is hands down my favorite Oculus Mobile VR Jam title thus far, and it’s not even a game.  David Finsterwalder recreates Castle Burgruine Hohenrechberg in Germany using the Unreal Engine 4 on the Gear VR.  It felt incredible scaling the castle and even though the backdrop was a 2D 360 picture, I often felt like I was physically there.  Remember this is an extremely early build of this experience so take that into consideration when watching the videos.

The controls are simple enough.  I would equate them to an improved version of the controls used in Gyeongiu VR Museum.  Hold down towards the front of your touch pad to move forward, toward the back to move backwards.   Swipe up and down to rotate, which didn’t work well for me (it took multiple attempts), but I would rather just turn my body to move through the castle.  The movement speed feels just right.

There are information signs placed across the castle.  When gazed into and tapped, they display historical trinkets with information on the castle.  If you look in the distance text will pop up informing you of what you are staring at.  This brings context to what you are seeing.

The content includes a tour of the castle, with the best part being the bonus content at the end where you are face to face with a gigantic statue of Frederick the First, also referred to as “Red Beard”.  The scale is impressive and as you can see in my video footage below, you can actually climb up on top of the statue.

If this is what developer David Finsterwalder can come up with close to no funding, I can only imagine how he can improve the experience if he ends up winning a prize in the jam.  Please try out the experience yourself before voting, as just watching the videos will not give you a real understanding of how magnificent this title is.

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