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Mobile VR Jam Audio Arena Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Audio Arena– Audio Arena is a music arena style game.  Dodge enemies just by moving your head.  The enemy movements are in sync with the beat, a very cool effect.  Things can get overwhelming as there are sometimes what seems like 50+ enemies coming at you, but fortunately there are power-ups scattered around.  Contacting them in tune with the beat makes their attacks more powerful.  I really had to think before activating them, as they each have their uses depending on where the enemies are located.  Some are short range killer force fields that are useless if enemies are not in the immediate vicinity, but great for taking out a large crowd you baited towards it.

vr jam impressions audio arena

There are two included songs included in this APK.  Each song has an easy and hard mode.  The music is really catchy and fits in well with the space theme.

The easy mode feels more like normal mode.  I’ve played my fair share of rhythm games and I died multiple times in easy mode.  As you only have one life, just one mistake has you starting the entire song again.  It would be nice to have more than one life as its frustrating having to start from the beginning after getting hit just once.  In both modes, it helps a lot to have a strategy on when using the power-ups, especially in hard mode.

I enjoyed the music selection, the challenge, and the super smooth performance of Audio Arena.  With some tweaks this could be a must have rhythm game for the Gear VR.  Fast, simple, and runs silky smooth.

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