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Mobile VR Jam Andromedum Impressions

Mobile VR Jam Andromedum– I’ve seen a few readers in the Jam, and this one not only stood out to me as an interesting premise, but also actually ran on my Gear VR.  I still need to go back and test the others again to see if I can get them working.  Andromedum is best thought of as a reader app that places you in the setting of the story.  The book is read out loud to you and the settings really do add a lot towards immersing you in the Story.

The content of the actual book read in the entry wasn’t for me, but if the dev got other book authors on board, he could have quite the hit on his hands.  Just imagine having something like Harry Potter read to you in audio book style while being in the world of Harry Potter (or insert whatever your favorite book is).

Control is done through gaze or tapping to switch between pages if you prefer to fast forward through the narration.  Tapping worked better for me than the gaze, as I had to turn my head to the left then right again to get it to move to the right page to advance.  This is an interesting premise and I’m curious to see how this develops.

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