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Polydome – Shooting Sound is Awesome!

Polydome – Shooting Sound is Awesome!


Polydome– It’s about 4 a.m. on a dreary New York night, and I decided to stave off my need to sleep and try another Mobile VR Jam submission.  Polydome is a music experience by Plan8 where instead of just listening to the music with a pretty picture, you attack the music!  Well it’s not like that exactly, but by tapping on the touchpad you fire off little music balls to shoot the sounds around you, which are in the form of gems.  Each gem activates another part of the music playing.

It feels exactly like you are creating the songs.  By connecting a set amount of the gems you can proceed to the next stage, or if you so choose you can connect the rest of the gems to hear the complete song in a few of the stages.  Unlike a majority of the Mobile VR Jam titles, Polydome works on the S6, so I would gather to say it would work on Lollipop versions of the Note 4 as well.

Not only will shooting at the gems add to the music, but doing so will also change the lighting of the space you are in.  When I started the experience, everything was dark around me.  Shooting the first gem lit up the room.  It was pretty impressive for something so simple.  It’s another one of those titles that just doesn’t look interesting in the video, but once you try it on you will be really impressed!  This APK shows that Plan8 can pull off the concept.  Now imagine what this would be like as a full blown experience with hundreds of songs and longer stages.

I could chill out and play Polydome for hours given enough content in a full release.  Go to the Oculus Submission Page and try this one out before the voting ends!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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