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Mobile VR Jam Wendy – I’m a Witch with no Hands!

Mobile VR Jam Wendy – I’m a Witch with no Hands!


Wendy – Today I had the opportunity to give Wendy, an Oculus Mobile VR Jam Submission, a spin.  Wendy is a game in which as an aspiring young witch, you must find the ingredients for your cauldron.  This is done by looking at each item, but don’t think it will be so easy.  The submission takes place in a room with dozens of items floating around.  Some can be picked up on their own and thrown into the cauldron, while a few require interacting with certain objects in unique ways.  The game is finished when you have collected all the items.

Wendy is filled to the brim with character.  Dmitry, the developer along with Miles Russo, aka “Korigame”, managed to create a world that is so enticing I just didn’t want to leave.  As soon as I started Wendy I noticed the calming music and looked down at the purring cat on my lap.  Looking down at it causes it to meow.  The graphics are really well done in Wendy, and I rather enjoyed trying to find all the ingredients.  The controls work just as intended, and I never had a moment where gazing at an object didn’t result in me picking it up.

I did have a bit of trouble with figuring out how to let go of an item that wasn’t meant to go in the cauldron.  It turns out I just had to attempt to put it in the cauldron to resolve this.  That could have been clarified a bit better or swiping on the touch pad should result in letting go of the object.

I spent about 10 minutes playing through Wendy.  The game never once overheated.  I even had the Gear VR running Wendy on my head while writing these impressions and in those 25 minutes I have still not seen any overheating!  Wendy is one of those games that anyone can easily get into.  You can try out Wendy at it’s submission page.  I hope you enjoy playing witch as much as I did.

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