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Mobile VR Jam Tactera – Holographic Warfare

Mobile VR Jam Tactera – Holographic Warfare

It’s by the creator of Darknet.  Need I say more?

Mobile VR Jam Tactera involves a good amount of strategy, the one genre I am horrible at.  I’m one of those people that used nothing but zerg tactics in Starcraft.  For those unfamiliar with that term, it means I just amassed a large amount of units and rushed them at my enemies, in my case with no strategy at all.

With that in mind, I can only recommend Tactera on a gameplay front by the huge amount of praise it’s getting throughout the Reddit community.  I trust they know their strategy.  I can however comment on the incredibly polished experience and the amazing visuals that made me feel like I was a commander in a future war room.  I expected as much, as it’s creator made Darknet , which was not only the first and still one of the few full featured titles on the Gear VR, but the developer was gracious enough to offer it to early adopters for free.


I am master commander!

There is a mini tutorial at the start, and the goal is to take over all of your opponent’s bases.  I did this effortlessly by my proven cheap zerg strategy.  Before starting the match, you are able to choose 3 units out of a total selection of 12 to use in the battle.  It was a bit confusing figuring out which units I had selected.  In the Mobile VR Jam Submission, there are only 3 maps, but more maps, multiplayer and a campaign mode will be available in the full version.

Each unit seems to have it’s fit depending on your play style.  The build time also differs based on the unit chosen.  As the match starts, you will find yourself tapping on your bases to deploy your units and then tapping again on which enemy base or unit to attack.  Upon taking over a base you can start producing additional units from that base.

tactera room

The graphics are basic but well designed.  The first time I looked up and saw my jet fighters flying over the map my jaw dropped.  Everything is right up in your face!  It’s really neat how seamless the game runs.  It’s almost as if Tactera from a performance perspective is ready to launch right now.

If you enjoyed Tactera after trying it out don’t forget to vote for the submission.  You can find E McNeill’s other games on his website.

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