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Mobile Jam Nothing is Everything I Want

Mobile Jam Nothing is Everything I Want

mobile jam nothing

You shall not pass. My name is nightmare fuel Monroe

Mobile Jam Nothing– Sometimes in contests like the Mobile VR Jam, simple titles like Nothing by Evil Indie Games get looked over due to how incredibly simply and borderline amateurish they appear to be.  Nothing may look this way, but it’s simple gameplay has the same addictive pull that Flappy Birds did when it was first released on phones.

In Nothing, you race around the same track until you fall off the edge and die, while some great trippy music plays and what I can only describe as warped 3D giant models of Marilyn Monroe and Einstein’s faces taunt you from afar.  The instructions got a good chuckle out of me.  Gamepad is easy mode and touchpad is hard mode.  When playing with the gamepad the top left and right shoulder buttons turn left and right.  In touchpad mode you physically have to turn to move.

I started Nothing with the gamepad.  The first lap was not too bad, although I could notice the speed increase a bit.  Starting with the second lap, it began to get so fast that I stumbled off the edge and died.  Then began my second, third, fourth, and fifth attempt.  By the time I had stopped playing Nothing, half an hour had elapsed and I had to stop.  I tried a bit with the touchpad:  Bad idea.  The touchpad is only for those with incredibly precise turning ability and iron stomachs.  It is so challenging it makes games like Dark Souls look like a cake walk.  Even if you manage to deal with the finicky controls you will eventually find yourself spinning so fast that if you don’t peel over out of exhaustion, I hesitate to call you a human.

In both gameplay modes, you are also taunted by a cocky computer voice that tries to goad you into falling off the edges.  It doesn’t help that there is also text showing up as it speaks on the screen to distract you.  It’s a great addition to the game and necessary for the challenge, but sometimes I just want to strangle that darn computer voice!  As you complete more laps around the track the environment around warps and changes.  You begin to see things like hands popping out of the air and then buildings.

mobile jam nothing buildings

The best part about Nothing is how it’s simplicity makes it easy for the developer to add tons of new tracks easily.  Really, all this game needs is more tracks with different music for each one, and leaderboards.  It’s then ready to be on the store.  Try out Nothing at it’s submission page and you might also be pleasantly surprised at how much it pulls you into the very simple experience.  Sometimes grand games aren’t what can make a game a success in VR, and Nothing is here to prove that less is more.

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