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Look Both Ways – Roadkill’s Recurring Nightmare

Look Both Ways – Roadkill’s Recurring Nightmare

Look Both Ways Feature Image

Update: New 360° Gameplay Footage (see bottom of post)

Look Both Ways, by Stress Level Zero, is one of 2 new titles just released on the Samsung Gear VR Oculus store.  For a mere 99 cents and a gamepad, you too can experience the ultimate roadkill empathy machine.

I really enjoyed Look Both Ways, which places you on an eternal quest to cross roads with cars dashing at incredible speeds back and forth as you desperately dodge your way to the restaurant on the other side.  I have no idea how many levels there are, but I don’t think I’ll ever make it past level 5 without some serious luck.

Look Both Ways 5

Don’t look in one direction for more than a second or you are going to regret it.

Each level places you at one end of the map, with a set number of roads separating you from sweet burger goodness.  You can move backwards and forwards with the gamepad and hold down the right shoulder button (at least on the Moga Power Pro Controller), to sprint.  There is a sprint gauge on the UI that will deplete as you are using sprint, and recharges slowly when not using it.  You could get through the first or second level without using sprint, but after that it becomes mandatory.  I would actually pay good money to see someone beat the entire game without using sprint once.

This would all be a piece of cake if there wasn’t a timer counting down, giving you a limited amount of time to get to the food on the other side.  As you progress through the levels, the maximum time duration increases but so do the amount of roads you need to overcome, as seen in the picture below.

Look Both Ways 4

As you progress in levels, the timer increases, but so do the amount of lanes to cross.

You will die a lot.  When I say the cars move fast, I am not exaggerating in the slightest.  Even when using sprint, you need to constantly be hyper alert to get past each road.  I experienced two kinds of roads.  The difficult one-way roads and the nightmare difficulty two way lanes.

Similar to the screenshot above, cars will speed towards you from both directions on some of the roads.  I was almost as much in fear of breaking my Gear VR with my rapid head swings as I was of getting hit by a speeding car.

Look Both Ways 1

When there’s a fire, no time to stop for pedestrians

The graphics are clean and simple, which felt completely justified, as I don’t think the developers are looking to give people heart attacks here.  The sound effects are also weak when you get hit, probably for the previously stated reason as well.  When a vehicle crashes into you, blood splatter will appear underneath.  I rather enjoyed this macabre reminder of how much I failed at playing Look Both Ways.

The replay value is very high in Look Both Ways.  There was an addictive trigger set off that will probably have me coming back for more in the coming weeks.  It’s the thrill of doing something that you would never do in real life, and all for a juicy hamburger.  If you have a gamepad and a Gear VR, for 99 cents Look Both Ways is a worthwhile title to pick up.  If you do manage to make it to the end, let us know in the comments below.

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