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Comawake – And The Jam Nope Award Goes to…

Comawake – And The Jam Nope Award Goes to…

comawake bed

The beginning scene is the first and last time you will feel comfortable in Comawake.

Comawake – If the sun has set and you are about to load this Jam title up, do yourself a favor and wait until morning.  Perhaps “awake” is in the name because you are not getting much sleep after playing Comawake.  After playing many Mobile VR Jam titles today, I decided to do a few more before sleep and Comawake was on the list.  I did not expect a horror title, especially one that is so disturbing I just can’t stop thinking about what I saw in that mansion.  Just a heads up to those sensitive to jump scares, as there are many in Comawake.

Comawake places you inside the mind of a coma patient.  It starts with a tutorial while you walk through a dark hallway.  Holding down on the touchpad moves you forward, and you can tap to pick up and put down objects.  At the end of the hallway looms mansion from hell.  It reminds me of the mansion from the first Resident Evil game.  Comawake is so full of atmosphere if there was any more the Gear VR would just melt.

comawake girl

The face on that girl is stuff of nightmare legends.

Voices fill the mansion as you creep down the halls.  The goal is to collect all the pieces of your memory and presumably wake up.  There are minor puzzle elements like finding keys and things like crowbars to open pathways.  The real challenge is resisting the impending heart attack Comawake might give you.  Dreadhalls is scary, but after you take off the headset you get over it.  Comawake is full on traumatizing.  Those images in the game just don’t go away.  It’s been about 30 minutes since I finished playing and I still can’t get some of the things I witnessed out of my head.  I couldn’t even finish playing.  It might take me months to bring up the courage to try again.  I would go into more details about Comawake but I don’t want to spoil anything and rob you of the fun times inside.

This could quite possibly be a contender for best horror game of the year.  Well I gotta go lay in bed for the next few hours while I fail to fall asleep.  You can begin the never-ending nightmare at Comawake’s Submission Page.

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