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Androids Dream – Enter Blade Runner

Androids Dream – Enter Blade Runner

Androids Dream– Occasionally, I will make a post about the content I experienced from the Oculus Mobile VR Jam Contest going on now, which has over one million dollars in prizes for aspiring developers.  Androids Dream is one such experience.  It is the best non interactive submission in the VR Jam I have seen.

I started it up with no expectations whatsoever.  As soon as I got past the title screen, I experienced presence the entire time.  In Androids Dream, you are seated next to an emotionless pilot as he takes you on a tour of a world that looks eerily similar to Blade Runner.  The movement is very slow so those that are prone to motion sickness shouldn’t have a problem viewing it.  Throughout the tour of the city, not a word is said.  The only sound is a futuristic track that is completely unearthly.

androids dream

Ships fly by and neon signs are scattered across the metropolis.  The standout part for me was a gigantic electric billboard about halfway through.  It was so grand I just couldn’t look away.  All the text seen on the signs in Androids Dream are Japanese, so it was much to my surprise at the end when I noticed the developer was not Japanese himself.  Please check out this incredible submission in the Oculus Mobile VR Jam.  You will not be disappointed.

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