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The Night Cafe Virtual Reality – A Moving Masterpiece

The Night Cafe Virtual Reality – A Moving Masterpiece

night cafe virtual reality

Art Recreated in Night Cafe Virtual Reality is an Experience Like No Other

Mark my words.  Everyone will be talking about The Night Cafe in the coming weeks.  It is one of those things that will bring awareness of VR as a medium to the general public.  It is something that without a doubt shows the effectiveness Virtual Reality can have as an art form.  I would venture to call it a masterpiece.

The Night Cafe is a recreation of the famous Van Gogh painting in VR.  It is part of a contest called Oculus Mobile VR Jam that holds over a million dollars in prizes for aspiring developers in the mobile virtual reality space.  This has to be experienced to be believed.  You put on a headset, start The Night Cafe, and you are physically inside the Van Gogh painting.  I can’t emphasize enough how much you feel like you are actually standing there.  As far as your mind tells you, it is really happening.  I could feel the passion the developers put into this project.

The first thing you will notice is a man next to a pool table as you hear the piano play in the other room.  As you enter this room, you see the pianist playing a beautiful song as Van Gogh himself sits in a chair smoking his cigar.  At least I thought it was Van Gogh.  The feels I got upon entering this room were overwhelming.  It’s extremely hard to describe, and something you must try for yourself if you have the Samsung Gear VR.

If The Night Cafe doesn’t win something I will be shocked.  It will be my mission tomorrow to have as many people try this out as I possibly can.  I never once thought I would be adding “Art” as a category and tag to a Virtual Reality blog.  Please visit The Night Cafe on the Oculus Mobile VR Jam site to download the experience.

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