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Ireland VR Impressions : Virtual Relaxation

Ireland VR Impressions : Virtual Relaxation


Ireland VR Impressions

Eric Fassbender just recently released his third 15 and 30 minute 360 relaxation video this time taking us to Ireland.  I have been following his videos since the first was released a few months back.  There are some notable improvements with this latest video.

The first few videos took place in his home country of Australia.  Dream Beach 360 took us to the beautiful Blowhole Beach In Southern Australia.  While incredibly beautiful it felt incredibly lonely with a lack of people around. In A Walk on the Beach, we were brought to nearby Port Noarlunga.  The video was a shorter 15 minutes with a bonus 5 minute sunset.  It felt more alive as you could see people walking around. Both videos were accompanied by relaxing music.

In Ireland VR, the music is gone and it really adds to the feeling of being there.  The environments are a lot more varied, and the pacing of the scene changes are much improved. Eric, I don’t know how you managed it but I could barely make out any stitching while watching.  For the unfamiliar, stitching is the lines that appear separating the different camera footage when a 360 video is taken.  Oh did I forget to mention SHEEP!  In one scene you are on the side of a hill watching dozens of sheep graze with the ocean right below.  I also noticed a rock that looked like the head of a shark on one of the rocky beaches.

Ireland VR has an option of a 15 or 30 minute video.  There are also 2k and 4k versions.  The difference between 2k and 4k is the image quality, with 4k being superior.  You need an Oculus DK1 or DK2, Samsung Gear VR, or Zeiss VR One to view.  If you have the Oculus go with the 2k version.

If you have the Samsung Gear VR go with the 4k version, which worked flawlessly for me.  I would recommend the 2k/4k bundle if you have the Zeiss VR One.  I wasn’t able to test it out with the Zeiss, so I can’t comment on the 4k version performance, but the combo price is only about $2.50 more than the 2k version.  The prices for the different versions range from $6.99 to $14.99 Australian Dollar which comes to about $5.34 to $11.34 USD.

Onto how to get these videos onto your phone.  The easiest way seemed to be directly through the download link after you purchase the video from your phone.  Be careful though, as you have only 5 downloads and you have to use them within about a 2 week time period.  I first tried downloading directly on my Note 4 phone and used up two of my downloads until I figured that I couldn’t choose to download to the SD Card (Oculus -> 360 videos) where the files need to go, and I didn’t have enough space left on my phone direct storage.  I finally gave up and went to the Mac.  Even if you are successful downloading it directly to your phone, you will then need to figure out a way to unzip then transfer it over to the SD Card.

If you are not tech savvy it may be a bit of a pain getting this on your mobile headset through a Mac.  For the Gear VR I had to download the movie file on my iMac, then unzip it using an unzipping program (although I think the Mac has this built in).  Then I had to connect my phone to my iMac with the usb cable.  |important| If you have an apple computer you will first need to download Android File Transfer for Mac and install it before your computer will recognize your phone.  Then I opened the File Transfer program and dragged the video from my iMac to a directory in my android phone.  This directory is SDCard -> Oculus -> 360 Videos. After this I just put on my Gear VR, opened up the 360 Videos app, and played the video. Eric has a very easy to follow video for Mac users.

If you have a Windows PC, then it’s not as much of an issue to get it on the Gear VR.  You just plug in your Note 4 phone via usb to your computer.  Then you just transfer the files into the same folder (SDCard -> Oculus -> 360 Videos.  As you can see this is quite a process for the average person to do, but I’m sure Eric is working on a Gear VR app (once Samsung turns on the ability for in app purchases).

You can purchase the Ireland VR video here.  You can check out the rest of the videos here.  Ireland VR was made by Eric Fassbender at  You can also connect with them on Twitter @Feel_Relaxation.

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