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Go Back to the Future in VRChat Today

Go Back to the Future in VRChat Today

Back to the Future VRChat Feature

It’s Back to the Future Day.  This is the day that Marty McFly from the movie “Back to the Future Part II” travels to in order to save his yet to be born children.  You can celebrate this day in a variety of ways, but if you have a VR headset, you can jump into VRChat and literally go back to the future.

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. – Doc

back to future sharkie

Custom created model of Sharkie for VRChat Back to the Future room.

In social VR app VRChat, community member Kirito decided to import Courthouse Square from the movie into two different rooms.  One room takes place in the year 1985 and the other takes place in present day.  As this is social VR, you can chat with your friends in here, watch clips from the movie (use “-” and “+” on keyboard to raise and lower volume), and actually sit in the DeLorean car shown in the movie.

Back to the Future VRChat Avatars

3 Back to the Future avatars you can use in VRChat. Credit to Send Help for Marty and Doc imports, and Atom Jaay for Mr. Fusion Bot creation.

Download VRChat

If you have an Oculus Rift headset, you will feel like you have stepped into the scene from the movie.  Even if you don’t own a VR headset, you can still hang out and chat with people in Courthouse Square from “Back to the Future”.  Movement is done with a keyword and mouse or a gamepad.  Push “v” key to talk on keyboard and mouse or the left bumper on the controller.

VRChat Controls (Keyboard)

  • Move – WASD keys
  • Look around – mouse
  • Talk – “v” key
  • Interact (aka sit in the DeLorean) – “e” key
  • Jump – spacebar
  • Run – hold shift key
  • Go to menu – escape key

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VRChat Controls (gamepad)

  • Move – left analog stick
  • Look around – right analog stick
  • Talk – left bumper (left shoulder)
  • Interact (aka sit in the DeLorean) – “x” button or top left button
  • Jump – “a” button or bottom left button
  • Run – left trigger (behind shoulder used for talk)
  • Go to menu – start button

How to Enter the VRChat with Google Cardboard & Gear VR

If you create an account for VRChat, you can find and use the Marty and Doc avatars. Also available is the Mr. Fusion Bot. They can be found here – (http://www.vrchat.net/marketplace). After creating an account and downloading them, host on Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to host avatar on Google Drive

How to host avatar on Dropbox

How to create blueprint to use avatar in VRChat

Please tap/click the thumbnails in the embedded panoramas above to be brought to the 360° stereoscopic panos on VRChive.  Still lost?  Here’s how to view these panoramas in detail.

Loading of the 360° stereoscopic 3-D panos contained within the pictures below will take a while.  They are sometimes 20 MB or more in size.  Refreshing seems to help a bit if yours isn’t loading, but keep in mind VRChive is still in alpha stage, and you are viewing 360° stereoscopic panoramas from in game, which is quite impressive at this stage of VR.

Kirito made all of this possible on short notice last night.  He is an active community member in VRChat and has brought in rooms such as Kingdom Hearts, Kirito’s Hangout, Kirito’s Chillout, and a host of Halloween experiences for the VRChat Halloween Event on October 30th.  You can find him in VRChat as the Kirito avatar from Sword Art Online.


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