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Lip Sync Battle VR – Audience is just as Entertaining

Lip Sync Battle VR – Audience is just as Entertaining

lip sync battle vr

Guy on the far right is really getting into it.

In Virtual Reality, Everyone’s a Star.

If you aren’t aware of the up and coming new virtual reality headsets coming out, don’t worry, because you will be soon.  Since December, headsets like the Samsung Gear VR started to hit the market, along with a completely new way to experience media.  Lip Sync Battle VR is one of the more recent 360 videos to hit the Gear VR’s Milk VR app, and it’s quickly proving everyone is an active participant in VR videos.

My coworker really enjoyed the experience.

Here’s how it works.  You snap your phone into the headset, put it on your head, and you feel as if you are actually placed inside the studio, free to look wherever you want like you would in the real world.  Lip Sync Battle VR is a joint collaboration between Spike TV and Matador.  You are placed among the audience, viewing the show as if you were actually attending.  Free to veer your attention anywhere, as there is always something interesting to look at.

lip sync battle vr 2

Yep far right guy should definitely be on stage.


Take the audience member in the video below (taken from inside the Gear VR).  He seems to be really enjoying the performance.  Lip Sync Battle VR brings you backstage as well as to different locations in the audience, to get different viewpoints.  This particular clip features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson lip syncing to Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees.  His face is a bit blurry through the Gear VR, and it’s easier to see him clearly by looking at one of the giant monitors on the set.

The future of 360 videos in virtual reality looks bright.  Remember, even if the primary content doesn’t suit you, there might just be various other entertaining distractions going on behind you to keep your attention.


In the last few weeks, more content has been released on Milk VR, focusing more on episodic contents featuring more recognizable celebs.  This is in stark contrast to the atmospheric videos that dominated the first few months of the service.  You can find more information on videos like lip sync battle vr at The Milk VR Directory.

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