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Adventures in the Metaverse – Future Ted

Adventures in the Metaverse – Future Ted

Aventures in the Metaverse Future Ted

A bus ride in Tom’s Digital Life. Hold on tight! (click/tap picture to go to pano)

Update: We apologize as the page was crashing on mobile previously with more than one embedded pano.  The problem is fixed now, and you can click the titles or pictures to be brought to the pano on VRChive.  As embedded panoramas are still being worked on, we will not post more than one until the issue is fixed.

It’s that time of the week again.  We attended Gunters Universe last night with special guest Ted Schilowitz, who shall be called by his avatar handle, “Future Ted”, for the remainder of column.  This was potentially the most legendary Gunters Universe ever.  If you have a Google Cardboard or even a Gear VR you can click on any of the panoramas below, and be immersed in a stereoscopic 3-D panoramic image as if you were actually there with us.

We attend the Gunters Universe Show in VRChat, and then take Future Ted on a tour of the Metaverse he will not soon forget.  My name is VR Pill, and I’m a citizen of the Metaverse.  Come join me now as we take a magical ride with Future Ted.

How to Enter the Metaverse with Google Cardboard & Gear VR

Please tap/click the pictures or title be brought to the 360° stereoscopic panos on VRChive.  Still lost?  Here’s how to view these panoramas in detail.

Loading of the 360° stereoscopic 3-D panos contained within the pictures below will take a while.  They are sometimes 20 MB or more in size.  Refreshing seems to help a bit if yours isn’t loading, but keep in mind VRChive is still in alpha stage, and you are viewing 360° stereoscopic panoramas from in game, which is quite impressive at this stage of VR.

Lights, Camera, Star Lord get off the Table!

 I arrived at Gunters Universe, a space where Gunter hosts his weekly podcast.  Star Lord got a few new tricks since last time, and felt like showing off his unique new ability of lying down on the table.  While simple to do in the real world, lying down is still something of a treasured ability in the Metaverse.  The guest, Future Ted, is a Futurist at 20th Century Fox, and one of the few lucky ones who got to try out the Magic Leap device.

Future Ted’s Arrival

Aventures in the Metaverse Future Ted Arrival

Future Ted arrived on time and rocking an Usopp Avatar from the famous Japanese Anime, One Piece.  It seems that not many are familiar with One Piece, and the avatar was referred to as Pinocchio for the entire night.  Every time I heard Pinocchio mentioned, I died a little inside.

There were quite a few notable guests in attendance, including some folks from Dreamworks and famous VR personality & podcaster Reverend Kyle.  While we waited for the show to officially start, Mr. Q (Star Lord) brought out his newest invention, a fully functional hang glider!  A few of us took turns riding it.  After seeing Reverend Kyle on the hang glider, I suggested he change his new podcast idea from Driving with Reverend Kyle to Hang Gliding with Reverend Kyle.  OlivierJT then decided to take a spin on the glider, which was all fun and games, until he almost ran right into Rev!

Show Conclusion, New Avatar, What Happened to Future Ted?

Aventures in the Metaverse Future Ted Conclusion

We won’t go over the details of the actual interview and Q&A, but you can find that on Gunter’s YouTube Channel when it appears in the near future.  The show ended, but the fun had just begun.  As you can see in the panorama above, every Gunters Universe ends with a dazzling light show and sometimes sharks on the set.  However, I became distracted as my focus veered towards this strange new avatar I had yet to see until now.

Future Ted took this chance to show his wife why he was sitting on the sofa with an Oculus Rift on for the last two hours.  It was her first time to see VRChat, and she was delighted to be greeted by Goofy, voice and all.  After Future Ted came back, we got ready to bring him on a tour of the different worlds.  That is, until Future Ted suddenly stopped responding.

Chaos was breaking loose.  Star Lord fell asleep on the table and there was a Sword Art Online invasion.  Everyone gathered around, wondering if Future Ted would ever return.  Thankfully, the cause of the disappearance was just due to some tangled up cables on the Rift, which a quick restart of VRChat solved.

Time to Slide

Adventures in the Metaverse Future Ted Slide

Our first stop was Evolved Ant’s Sword Art Online world.  You might remember this from a previous Adventures in the Metaverse column.  That avatar on fire in the pano is Tom’s hellish version, which is truly a site to see, especially in such close quarters.  We took Future Ted through the helmet and into the world for a short bit.  I found the hang glider from earlier, and took this time to glide around while singing R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”.

We quickly showed off the campfire world, and I took this time to share my possible sighting of Palmer Luckey no mic.  Then we stopped by the Trippin room, a space in a huge 360° sphere, and my personal favorite, as 360° videos can be shown on this sphere.  It was here that we took Future Ted back to the past on a trip to Monsanto’s House of the Future.

Tom’s Digital Life

Adventures in the Metaverse Future Ted Digital Life

Our final stop on the tour, almost an hour later, was Tom’s Digital Life.  This world was built from the ground up by Tom (the angel/devil avatar), and represents one of the greatest achievements yet in VRChat.  Digital Life always overwhelms me, so I just followed the pack as we jumped off the balcony and down a truly trippy tunnel.  When everything seemed to be wrapping up, Sky Lord used his ultimate ability, summoning the VRC, a magical flying bus.  Of course, naturally, we all got inside and went for the bus ride of our lives.  Future Ted was speechless.

The Hang Gliding Must Go On!

Adventures in the Metaverse Future Ted Hang Gliding

Thanks Future Ted for joining us.  It was one of the best Gunters Universes yet, and we hope you enjoyed a peak into the Metaverse.  After Future Ted left for the night, there was one more thing I just had to do, and that was Hang Gliding!  After a short glide across the sky, we landed in town and had a short discussion about Magic Leap, which we continued back in the Gunters Universe room, while checking out some videos about it on the screens.

It was now 3am, VR Pill started to get tired, and attended to some real world need for sleep.  Until next time my friends.

Full Album with 39 panoramas in 360° 3-D

Please do stop by VRChat on Tuesday and join us at Gunters Universe, which usually starts at about 10pm EST.  All you need is an Oculus Rift.  Wait… don’t have an Oculus Rift?  Fortunately, you can also enter with a PC and Google Cardboard.  Don’t miss our previous Adventures in the Metaverse where we enjoyed a wild Sunday meetup in VRChat with scary campfire stories.

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