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Surgevry VR – I’m Never Going to the Hospital Again

Surgevry VR – I’m Never Going to the Hospital Again

surgevry vr

Surgevry VR makes Dreadhalls look like a Walk in the Park

After checking out Surgevry VR, I don’t think I will be sleeping much tonight… or perhaps ever.  Earlier I was browsing through the Oculus Mobile VR Jam entries, looking for more standouts to add to the list of impressions, and arrived upon Surgevry.  I saw it had only a few likes and glanced over the warning, “This is a very graphic experience, ‘Walking Dead’ level”.  I thought after braving titles like Dreadhalls and Catatonic I could handle anything.  Boy was I wrong.

This is a very polished title meant for surgeons or surgeons in training, but I’m guessing the real purpose is to save thousands money before deciding on entering med school.  In Surgevry, there is a menu where 3 operations are presented to choose from, all displayed in stereoscopic 3d horror.  The selection is an arm, neck, and tongue operation each containing 15 chapters you can quickly skip through for when you start feeling the urge to run to the restroom.

They increase in level of grossness from arm (somewhat tolerable), to neck (skipping through quickly) to tongue (nope, nope, NOPE).  The viewpoint seems to be from right on top of the surgeon’s head, in order to get a real good view of the action.  In all seriousness, this looks like it would be incredible for surgeons in training and I can see the developers getting a ton of funding regardless of whether they win a prize in the Jam.  I’m betting this will be used in hospitals around the country in the very near future.

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