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VR Gorilla Brings the Safari to YouTube 360

VR Gorilla Brings the Safari to YouTube 360

VR Gorilla 360° Safari Experience

I have been waiting for 360° Safari videos to emerge in high quality with solid production value for quite some time now, and that day has finally come.  I came across a new channel on YouTube, VR Gorilla, which started uploading some incredible footage of the wildlife in Africa recently, with a criminally low view count.

This is what prompted me to feature their work in this article.  VR Gorilla traveled to the country of Uganda, where they collaborated with Matoke Tours, a Dutch/Ugandan touring agency, to bring a complete safari experience for free to owners of Virtual Reality Headsets.  They are a shining example of the incredible footage that is out there for free right now across 360° streaming sites.

You might be wondering how they came up with the name VR Gorilla.  Well, I’ll let you watch the first 360° video they uploaded first and then quote the story below.

During one of the 360 recordings, with the majestic mountain gorillas, something spectacular happened. A young gorilla, of about 3 years old, grabbed the camera and, inquisitive as he was, started to investigate the device for several minutes. All this time the camera was left rolling. This resulted in incredible never before seen footage and we instantly knew the name of our new VR company: VR Gorilla. – VR Gorilla

Here’s the best part.  That’s not the only video they have!  The other videos currently in VR Gorilla’s catalog are as follows:

Most Beautiful Lodges in Uganda

Up in the Air: a Balloon Safari Experience

Gamedrive in Queen Elizabeth NP With Big Sam (Lions & Elephants)

Boat Safari in Uganda With Tons Of Elephants & Hippos

Find out more information about VR Gorilla at www.vr-gorilla.com.  As more of VR Gorilla’s videos are uploaded, we will be adding them to our 360 Video Directory.


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