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Unreal Engine 4 Showdown Demo 360° Video

Unreal Engine 4 Showdown Demo 360° Video

Unreal Engine 4 Showdown 360 video

Just moments ago, the Unreal Engine 4 Showdown Demo, one of the most impressive Virtual Reality showcases to date, has been released on YouTube by Channel 3Ds Saviel in monoscopic 360°.  While this is not the same as viewing it on the Oculus Rift through the actual demo, it’s the only way that Gear VR or Google Cardboard owners will be able to get a peak for the time being.

The video itself is in full 360°, meaning after you place your phone into your mobile VR headset, you will be able to look around anywhere you want.  It will feel like you are right there in the middle of the action.  The Showdown demo is quite an impressive thing to see.  Troops surround you, explosions go off like crazy, there is ultra slow mode, and giant mech robots.  The scene is set in the city streets, or what’s left of them.  As an added bonus, 3Ds Saviel has added in one of the most incredible mentions for his channel at the end of the video we’ve seen yet.  Towards the end, his channel name breaks up over the robot and falls onto the viewer.

The downloaded video can be viewed on either a Google Cardboard, Gear VR, or Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset.  As instructions on usage differ per headset, we will briefly break down below how to view on each one.  If you have a Google Cardboard and have an iPhone, you are unfortunately out of luck for the download option until we stumble across a video player that works and is reliable.

Until YouTube comes up with a solution that makes it possible to view these videos without being automatically pushed down in quality to accommodate your connection, we are finally going to recommend a downloader.  The one we have found the best is 4k video downloader.   Install on your PC and paste the URL of the video into it to download.  Your welcome.

How to view on Gear VR

Take the downloaded .mp4 file, and drop it in the Oculus360 videos folder on your phone.  If you do not see this folder, it might mean something is wrong or you don’t have Oculus 360 Videos updated.  After the video file is in this folder, simply open the 360 Videos App and play the video.

How to view on Google Cardboard (Android)

After downloading the video file, you will need something to play it.  We recommend AAA VR Cinema.  Open your video player of choice, and play the video.  With AAA VR Cinema, make sure that you have selected 360° Panorama prior to hitting the play button.  If the video looks off, then you might have to play around with the screen size under the Player Options screen, which is the screen that follow the format selection screen.  Make sure that “Hide all buttons” is selected under Advanced UI Configurations.

How to view on Oculus Rift

What the heck are you doing watching this video when you can experience the actual demo!  Well, if you have a slow computer keep reading.  While you can use either KolorEyes or Virtual Desktop, we did encounter problems with playback on KolorEyes.  With KolorEyes, just drag and drop the video into the player.  With Virtual Desktop, select Video Player, then open.  That’s all there is to it!

Keep an eye on our 360° Video Directory under the “Gaming” category for more videos like this one.  While this specific category is quite small and filled with MineCraft videos mostly, more gaming videos are being released all the time.

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