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This Week on Milk VR – Surf School

This Week on Milk VR – Surf School

Surf School with Kyle Thiermann

“This Week on Milk VR” (name subject to change) highlights the best releases every week on Milk VR.  This column will be airing every Sunday (somewhere in the USA).  We figured it would be best making a separate column for Milk VR, due to Google Cardboard owners not being able to access this content.

This week Discovery launched their 360° video app, which is nice, but even better that they joined Gear VR as a Milk VR Channel.  Until more videos start appearing on Milk VR, we will list all the videos and write up a bit on our favorites.

Again, to access this content you must load up the Milk VR App on your Gear VR Headset.

So without further ado, we bring our highlights from This Week on Milk VR:

Tugboat Assisting Container Ship

Tug Boat Huge Boat

This video was so good that we covered in it our Daily Dose 360 column back in July when it originally hit the internet.  We are glad that it is finally on Milk VR, benefiting from the better head tracking.

Well this one isn’t 4k quality, but I just had to put it up here as the quality isn’t that bad with the headset on, and how many other opportunities are you going to have on a tug boat approaching a massive ocean liner?  The scale in this video really shows.

Otherworldly Theme Ride

Otherworldly Theme Ride

The Otherworldly Theme Ride is one we have been waiting to recommend, but it was a tad short to recommend with all the steps it takes to load a video into the Google Cardboard.  With Milk VR it is effortless to load up while you are browsing other videos.  This colorful ride reminded me of those introduction videos they used to show at Regal Theaters.

Mythbusters: Shark Shipwreck

MythBusters Shark Shipwreck

Another one featured on our Daily Dose 360 column this week.

If it wasn’t good enough that we got Survivorman in 360° from The Science Channel, Discovery brought us Mythbusters as well.  There are 2 other videos on their channel (and in our 360 Video Directory), but this was my personal favorite.  There have been some people in the community bringing up the discomfort caused by a slight tilting and shaking on the Discovery videos, but there are two reasons why this is still here.  First, it’s the first time Mythbusters has appeared in 360°.  Second, it is their first time doing a 360° video and this video does take place underwater.  I’ll give them a pass on this one, and see what happens with future videos.

Mythbusters: Underwater Shark Experiment

MythBusters Underwater Shark Experiment

Freeboarding: San Francisco

Freeboarding San Francisco

Discover didn’t just bring Mythbusters and Survivorman this month.  Freeboarding is an exciting ride down some very famous areas in San Francisco.  You will really feel like you are going downhill.

Surf School with Kyle Thiermann

Surf School with Kyle Thiermann

Who said that 360° videos couldn’t be educational?  Kyle Thiermann teaches you the basics of surfing, and just like a normal surf lesson, the first part takes place on the beach.  The camera is placed in front of Kyle while in the water, with arrows telling you exactly where to look.  Towards the end Kyle points out another surfer hitting a person kayaking.  Pretty intense stuff.  For maximum immersion, try laying face forward on the floor and pretending you are on the surf board.

Walk Among Giants: Redwoods

Redwoods Walk Among Giants

Pacific Sunset: Half Moon Bay

Pacific Sunset Half Moon Bay

Gold Rush: Pay Dirt

Gold Rush Pay Dirt

Survivorman: Survive in the Wild

Survivorman How to Survive in the Wild

Quoted from one of our Daily Dose 360 columns this week.  This is an incredible video and can’t wait for more!

Survivorman seems like the perfect fit for 360° video.  Les Stroud heads into different wilderness areas completely alone and films his experiences while offering helpful tips.  As he is completely alone, handling a camera and figuring out the best angles must make his job 10x more difficult.  Now with 360 degree video, he can place one camera down in a single spot and it captures everything going on.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he has more footage at a later time from this same trip.  You watch Les cross over a small stream and guzzle down some water, which should be safe to drink.

Mythbusters: Sharks Everywhere

MythBusters Sharks Everywhere!

LSB: Gregg Sulkin

LSB Gregg Sulkin

I just can’t get enough of Lip Sync Battle on Gear VR.  This series is exclusive to the Milk VR App for now, and it’s something else to be in the crowd watching these hilarious performances.  Gregg Sulkin performs to Milkshake by Kelis.

There’s a car show that has been on Milk VR for the last few weeks, and the name escapes me.  Either way, it hasn’t impressed much.  Thus, I have left it off.  I’ll revisit it in a few weeks to see if it has changed.  See you next Sunday with hopefully more videos to draw from!

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