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This Week on Milk VR – Model Nina Agdal

This Week on Milk VR – Model Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal Milk VR Feature

“This Week on Milk VR” (name subject to change) highlights the best releases every week on Milk VR.  This column will be airing every Sunday (somewhere in the USA), but this week we made a very special exception due to the finale of a very special series with model Nina Agdal.  We figured it would be best making a separate column for Milk VR, due to Google Cardboard owners not being able to access this content.

This week was a bit light on content, but by next Sunday we should have some very special for you.  Until more videos start appearing on Milk VR, we will list all the videos and write up a bit on our favorites.  We will start to include Joyrides (about cars) and Lord of the Mics as well starting this week.

Again, to access this content you must load up the Milk VR App on your Gear VR Headset.

So without further ado, we bring our highlights from This Week on Milk VR:

MY360: Nina Agdal

MY360 Nina Agdal Episode 1 MY360 Nina Agdal Episode 2 MY360 Nina Agdal Episode 3

The newest celeb to appear on the MY360 series is Nina Agdal, a gorgeous model from Norway.  She brings you through New York City, and shows off her favorite spots.  Some highlights include going to a golf range with Nina and standing there as she swings the club right at your face, a first for me in VR.  You will also spend plenty of time in the car sitting right next to her, which is a surreal experience and one that begs for repeat viewings.  Check out MY360: Nina Agdal, and let the gawking begin.

Dawn of Midi – Part 1

Dawn of Midi - Part 1

While Boiler Room has a host of brilliant videos on Milk VR, there is not much to write about them other than to recommend a viewing if their kind of music is your thing.  Dawn of Midi on the contrary is something everyone can enjoy.  How this is just part one is beyond me, as it’s almost 14 minutes of a classical music performance with a slant.



It’s been on the Littlstar App for a while, but it’s nice to see this great 360° video come to Milk VR as well!

Colours of Muskoka

Colours of Muskoka

Joyrides: Underground Garage

Joyrides Underground Garage

Lord of the Mics: Part 4

Lord of the Mics Part 4

Well that’s all for this past week on Milk VR.  Stay tuned this next Sunday for some very interesting new videos.  Feature film anyone? hint hint


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